Trust & Estate Planning

Plan ahead with Trust & Estate Planning services.

We will care for your legacy as if it were our own by creating customized solutions delivered by a professional team dedicated to growing your wealth and protecting your legacy. We are pleased to work with your existing team of advisors or help you put together the expert resources needed for long-term asset management and safe, directed execution of your wishes. When you are looking for a dedicated trustee to assist with the oversight and implementation of your legacy, we are here to help.

With Bank of Jackson Hole Trust, a subsidiary of National Bank Holdings Corporation, you have access to Wyoming's tax, and trust perpetuity laws, which are some of the most favorable in the nation.

Trust Services

We can provide you the ability to take advantage of the benefits of creating your Trust in numerous states, including Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming, which has some of the most favorable tax, trust perpetuity and privacy laws in the nation.

Using a Corporate Fiduciary

Corporate fiduciaries are financial professionals providing expert guidance to ensure the responsible and secure management of trust funds, assets, estates, guardianship accounts and more.  

Settlement Protection Trusts

In those cases where the individual is receiving a settlement but is not or will not receive means-tested benefits, a settlement protection trust might be appropriate to carefully manage and protect the assets for the beneficiary. In the case of minors, this can avoid having to place funds in a conservatorship account or a restricted account with the Court. In the case of large settlements, the establishment of a settlement protection trust and having a corporate trustee serve as trustee is judicious so the trust funds are professionally managed in accordance with prudent fiduciary investment principles and are properly used in the best interest of the beneficiary.

Collaboration and Services

We work closely with the beneficiary’s attorney to establish the first party, third party, or settlement protection trust. Once the trust is established, as the corporate trustee we are bound under the fiduciary duty to act only in the best interest of the trust beneficiary while avoiding all conflicts of interest. Our team will provide professional services tailored to meet the needs of each beneficiary, including:

  • Professional trust management, or in the case of directed or delegated trusts we work with the third party investment advisor;
  • Completion and management of a comprehensive budget;
  • Analysis of beneficiary expenditures and the timely and accurate processing of payments;
  • Timely periodic reporting of trust assets and transactions;
  • Coordination with the accountant regarding the preparation of the beneficiary’s individual tax returns and the payment of any taxes due;
  • Coordination of housing, transportation, medical equipment, travel, and pre-paid burial plans; and,
  • Collaboration with case managers to assist with life care plans, evaluations, recommendations for therapies, qualification of benefits, and locating skilled nursing services.


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