Our Process

Personal attention to what matters most… your best interests

Listening & Learning

Every good relationship starts by learning the most important things: What do you value? How should your investments reflect what matters to you? How do you envision your future? And, how will your legacy live on?

Personalized Planning

College tuition coming up? Planning a second career or early retirement to explore other opportunities? Together, and with input from selected experts, we’ll craft a plan that will serve your interests and needs right now, and evolve for your future vision.

Implementation & Stewardship

You can expect proactive communications
with information about the marketplace, your investments and opportunities, and guidance
for the future. We believe in highly personal interactions as well as technologically-driven messaging, and we’re delighted to provide
the information you need, just the way
you want it delivered.

Primary Client Care Team

We Take Your Trust Seriously

When you select Bank of Jackson Hole Trust & Wealth Partners as your trustee or fiduciary representative, you can expect that we will care for your legacy as if it were our own. We are pleased to work with your existing team of advisors, or to help you put together the expert resources needed for long-term asset management and safe, directed execution of your wishes.

Networked for Success

In addition to our Primary Client Care Team, Trust & Wealth Partners includes a network of professionals who offer expertise and service in practically every niche of financial management. Our goal is to create a plan and a practice customized with world-class resources and very personal attention to your evolving needs.

Meet Our Team