Katherine A. Dakota

Vice President, Trust Operations Manager

When Katherine Dakota started considering her next move, she hadn’t been thinking about leaving Texas. She had established roots and friendships in College Station, Texas, working in Trust Administration for a firm that she liked, with potential to grow. But her daughter had graduated from Texas A&M, married and moved away, and suddenly it seemed like time for a change.

“I wanted to get into a job with an emphasis in operations, and if I was going to consider changing jobs, why limit myself to Texas? On a whim, I decided to look at opportunities in the Rocky Mountain region.”

Katherine saw a posting for Bank of Jackson Hole Trust in a professional publication and threw her hat into the ring. “It was my dream job, right in front of me at exactly the right time.”

“Driving north from Rockdale, it was amazing how quickly the scenery changed – it was breathtaking. I got into Jackson Hole and took my first look around and said, “I sure can pick ‘em!”

With a little guidance from Trust & Wealth Partners, Katherine quickly found a home and has been focusing on her new position and her adopted community.

“This job is fantastic, and my coworkers are great professionals and wonderful people,” Katherine says. “I am impressed with the client and community focus at Trust & Wealth Partners.”

Katherine enjoys kayaking, biking, and hiking with her dog, and intends to take up cross-country skiing this winter. Some of her other interests include art, music, animals and community events. “Jackson Hole seems to be just about everything I’ve always been looking for. I feel that I’ve finally come home.”