Building Community and Career With Nicolle Moyer

Nicolle Moyer has an inspirational life story, and we had the pleasure to sit down with her to talk about her career journey. Nicolle has worked for Bank of Jackson Hole for over seven years, and what’s most remarkable about Nicolle is her open, thoughtful nature and perseverance. Enjoy this Q&A about how a few non-profits and Bank of Jackson Hole supported Nicolle and her daughter along the way.  

You’ve worked in quite a few roles at Bank of Jackson Hole. What have you done and where are you now?

NM: I recently started as the Associate Vice President Trust & Wealth Advisor. I am focused on client servicing and leading various projects and initiatives for the Trust and Wealth team. Prior to this role I was the Banking Secrecy Act (BSA) Investigator for the Bank of Jackson Hole. Banking is highly regulated, so I manage software and programs which are intended to protect from fraud and money laundering.  I worked as a teller, personal banker, and a Visa credit card specialist over the years. 

When you joined the team at Bank of Jackson Hole you were part of the Climb Wyoming Program.  Tell us a bit about that journey.

NM: I moved out here with my dad and daughter in 2009, and I was working seasonally in Grand Teton National Park.  Housing was expensive, childcare was a challenge being 50 miles outside of town, so I reached out to Climb Wyoming, and they said I was a perfect candidate. We went through business professional training at Climb, and while doing that training I interviewed with the Bank of Jackson Hole.  I got the job, and started working four days a week, so on the fifth day I could still attend my Climb training, which included conflict resolution, and understanding barriers that were holding me back.  

At Climb they want you thriving, not just surviving, and the Climb work helped me realize I wanted to finish college. They and BoJH helped me achieve that goal, and find childcare along each step of the way.  I owe a lot to Climb Wyoming and the Bank for giving me that chance. 

And the other non-profit who supported you is Habitat for Humanity.  How was that experience? 

NM: Five years ago, I applied for a Habitat house, and I did not get chosen the first time I applied. Then four years ago I was chosen for a house in the Grove, just a few blocks away from the Bank.  I spent 18 months helping to build my house.  I was spending every weekend building, and it was exhausting to juggle with being a mom and work, but I love it. And when the pandemic hit, the house worked really well for working remotely.  

What is one piece of advice for other single moms in your situation now that you’ve been through all of this?

NM: It’s easy to give up and do the bare minimum, but it’s worth it to put the work in.  You can overcome these obstacles, and get a good paying job with benefits and health care.  

What’s your favorite part about working at BoJH?

NM: The internal growth the bank offers is very cool.  You meet your co-workers, and you automatically have these lifelong friendships.  It’s about the people.  I’m super grateful to Bank of Jackson Hole; it’s been quite the journey, and without Climb and Habitat I might not have roots here.