Ten Years in the Kitchen with Gavin Fine

We had the pleasure to spend a few hours in the kitchen with Gavin Fine, entrepreneur, chef, hospitality guru and all-around good guy. Gavin is a Jackson Hole success story, and Bank of Jackson Hole has been supporting his growing businesses for over the last 10 years. Gavin’s special sauce is his energy; he’s creative, outgoing and inspiring, and its sure fun to be around. Earlier this month, we made ice cream sandwiches, and talked with Gavin about Bovine & Swine and Cream + Sugar, his two package foods businesses that are flying off the shelfs across the nation, still handmade with care here in Jackson.

When did you establish Bovine & Swine?
GF: Bovine & Swine was established in 2016.

How has it grown over the years?
GF: Bovine & Swine has grown exponentially over the last several years, particularly the last 1-2 years. We started as a small operation, supplying mainly local grocery and specialty stores around Jackson Hole and the surrounding area. Since then, we’ve expanded our reach to Utah, Montana, Colorado, South Dakota, New Mexico, Nebraska and throughout Wyoming, with more markets coming soon. We also sell our products nationwide through Goldbelly.

How has Bank of Jackson Hole supported Bovine & Swine to make it successful?
GF: Bank of Jackson Hole helped us get our startup off the ground. They saw the big picture of where we wanted to go and what we were trying to do and believed in supporting that vision.

When did you establish Cream + Sugar?
GF: Cream + Sugar was unofficially launched in our retail locations before we “officially” launched outside of our own locations about 5 years ago.

How has it grown over the years?
GF: Like Bovine & Swine, Cream + Sugar has experienced a great deal of growth throughout the last couple years. We started the company in a small space in the back area of one of our restaurant kitchens and as demand grew, we upgraded our space to where we currently are – a dedicated production facility that houses all Cream + Sugar pint and ice cream sandwich production. We have a team of individuals who are dedicated to producing our sweet treats all day. Everything is still made and packaged by hand.

How has Bank of Jackson Hole supported this business to make it successful?
GF: Bank of Jackson Hole saw our long-term vision and what it would take to make that vision a reality. They have supported our lofty goals and helped make our expansion possible.

Why do you bank with Bank of Jackson Hole?
GF: We bank with Bank of Jackson Hole for a number of reasons, the main reasons being their dedication to customer service, their ability to see our visions and their willingness to work with us to grow and achieve these goals.

What’s the best part about banking locally?
GF: The best part of banking locally is keeping our money local. We know our bankers and they know us. Banking locally allows us to support our community and the amazing individuals who call it home.